Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Movie Challenge - Week 6

Week 6 has me joining the $200m club while Ray inches his way towards $300m. Ranks remain the same but Jorge is seriously closing in on Larry's #3 position. This week we have me (Chasing Mavericks), Jorge (Cloud Atlas), Larry (Fun Size) and Joseph (Silent Hill) all with new releases.

Some schedule changes of note: Killing Them Softly (Larry) was pushed back until November 30. For the 2nd time in as many movie challenges, Joseph has been the unfortunate victim of having a movie totally removed from his schedule by the movie studio as The Big Wedding was pushed back until April 2013 and thus loses $9 in the process. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 Goodies

As promised, here are the items that I picked up over the Comic Con weekend.  First up are
two prints I picked up from the guys and personally signed by Chris Campana.

Power Girl print personally signed by Amanda Connor.

Punisher, Superman, Spider-Man and Thor prints personally signed by Leo Leibelman from

Picked up 2 Batman t-shirts and received a free Spider-Man glass.

Tac Force Spring-Assist Opening Red Spider Rescue Knife 

Was able to get my badges signed by Amanda Connor and Fiona Staples.

The sketch I purchased from longtime Ultimate Spider-Man penciler, Mark Bagley.

Some Gears of War figures to complete my collection.

DC Comics Bishoujo Harley Quinn 1:7 Scale (10") Statue

 And finally, the Symbiote Spider-Man (mailbox) statue by Clayburn Moore limited to a 1000 production run.  I had never seen this before although it's apparently been out for awhile but no longer available.  Rather small at just 1:9 scale but beautifully detailed, I just had to have it.  :)

That concludes all of my 2012 New York Comic Con pictures.  As always, thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - Day 3

As always, Saturday is the best and worst day.  With so many panels and artists available for signings, there's never a dull moment but damn if it isn't crowded.  Of course, not as crowded as past years thanks to the reconfiguration of the convention center but some sections were a bitch to get through.  The main lobby heading to and from Artist Alley was particularly brutal.  That being said, had a great time with Maria.  My wife was a real trooper as she waited on a line for a sketch and signature for more than 2 hours while I tried to get as much done as I possibly could.  We managed to bump into Joey, Phil and Ruell again and even saw Dave while he waited on line to see Brian K. Vaughan.  He didn't see me however.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see my friend Ray who was there with his girlfriend Rosie.  We kept missing each other as I was frantically running back and forth between artist alley and the CGC booth trying to get an employee of theirs to witness a couple of comics being signed by longtime Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley.  Bagley, by the way, did a sketch for me.  :)

Now that I think of it, I've been posting thoughts and pictures of the first 2 days but haven't even mentioned items/swag that I've picked up in those days.  Like last year, I'll add a follow-up blog post with the items I purchased.  Also like last year, there was no day 4 for me.  For the 2nd consecutive year, I've decided to not attend the events final day and just stay home and relax.  Was it being tired?  Sure.  Almost broke?  Uh huh.  Free kids day?  Definitely!  I could probably tolerate the kids if I'd have more energy and funds but in my current state of financial and physical despair, I didn't want to deal with a convention full of kids.  :)

Anyway, enough gab... here are some pics.

Mark Bagley starting my sketch.

The finished product.

The always amazing Amanda Connor.

Didn't take many pics of figures/statues as I just about shot everything already.

And finally some cosplay pics.

So badass, I just had to get him twice.

Marty!  We have to go back, back to the future!

Impressive wing span.

Yes.  So nice, I had to get her twice.  

Body paint is awesome!

Liked how this interaction played out enough that I just kept snapping away.

And that's it for New York Comic Con 2012.  Looking forward to next year and hopefully hanging with my friends more.  I'd say that I'd like to catch a few panels but, honestly, I really enjoy walking the con floor snapping pictures of the cool costumes.  Besides, I can always count on Joey to keep me updated on the breaking news.  As stated above, I'll add a blog post with items I purchased as soon as I take pics.  Also, still have a few Hot Toys Sixth Scale figures to take pics of and post here as well.

Comments, suggestions and/or critiques are always welcome.