Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Another "comic book" (tpb) comes to the big screen. Looking forward to this one just as much as Kick-Ass. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dead Space 2 In-Game Footage

Oh my, this game can't get here soon enough. The sequel to my 2007 Game of the Year winner, Dead Space 2 is definitely my most anticipated game right now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ever since getting back into comics last year, I've been enjoying many quality comics and graphic novels. One that I missed on was Kick-Ass. Having been released 4-5 months prior to me getting back into the hobby, the first few Kick-Ass comics had become hard-to-find collector's items that had been commanding a pretty penny on auction sites. Although I was anxious to read what all the hoopla was about, I decided to wait around for the inevitable graphic novel instead of dropping some serious coin on eBay for those first issues. But when the graphic novel finally released, the wait sure was worth it.

Kick-Ass tells the story of Dave Lizewski, a comic book loving high schooler and son to a single father. Dave wonders why no one has ever tried to become a real life super-hero and takes it upon himself to give it a try by purchasing a costume on eBay and roaming the rooftops in search of people in need while his dad works the overnight shift. While coming to the aid of a young man being mugged by a gang, Dave suffers a severe beating that requires numerous operations and months of physical rehabilitation. Before long, he's off crutches and back out roaming the rooftops. His next encounter proves more positive as he successfully defends someone in need and manages to catch the attention of a nearby passerby who records the action on his cellphone and uploads it to YouTube where Dave becomes an instant celebrity known as "Kick-Ass". I won't go further into the story as not to spoil it for those that may be interested in purchasing the book or seeing the film. Otherwise, check Wikipedia for more on the story. But please, if you can, buy the book. I highly recommend it.

WARNING: The following trailer is a Red Band trailer and contains violence and adult language. Do not view with children around.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"And the winner is..."

Like most, I've never won any sort of contest before. That changed when I was contacted by the guys at gamerdeals.net on March 2nd. I've been following them on Twitter for about 6 months now and been sharing their deals on Twitter and Facebook for around half that time. About a month ago, they posted that they would be holding a contest for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. To enter, all that was needed was to follow them (which I already was doing) and retweet at least 2 of their tweets per day. I would only retweet deals that would interest me so although I didn't retweet everything they posted, there were days that I would retweet as many as 5 of their posts. That being the case, I never thought I would win. So when they contacted me via Twitter and then by email, I was skeptical at best. I just figured someone was having fun with me.

I was pleasantly surprised the next day to find a code in my email for $50 to the Amazon site. Pretty cool. I thanked them on Twitter and decided to go on their site to thank them again when I noticed that they had a podcast. They were only up to #3 at the time and at only around 20 minutes, I decided to give the latest one a listen which had been posted the previous night. To my surprise, they mention me by my online identity (EvilEmpire) around the 12 minute mark as having won their contest. That was pretty cool. To listen to the podcast, just click on the "podcasts" button on the top of their page and it'll take you to their podcasts page which currently has 4 as of the posting of this blog.

So I would like to thank the Gamerdeals.net team (Patrick, Carlos, Nick and Trevor) again for choosing me to win their contest and also for providing a cool site where us gamers can keep track of the best deals out there online and at B&M stores.