Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jorge's Birthday Brunch

My sister-in-law Katy planned a surprise birthday brunch for my brother at The Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY.  The buffet had a nice spread of options but the company was even better.  

 To Jorge's surprise, he arrives to see we're all there waiting for him.

Great pic! 

 Where did Luisa go?

Jorge's sister, Luisa

Jorge's brother, Robert

 Angel and Jorge

 Mom, Maria and Angelise

 Jorge and Katy

 Love the socks!

Luisa and Jorge

 Katy and Jorge

 Jorge and Maria

 Jorge and mom

 Robert and Jorge

(Clockwise) Jorge Jr, Jorge, Luisa's son Jose, Angel Jr, Angelise, Julien

 Me and Jorge

 Me, mom and Jorge

 Robert, Luisa and Jorge

 Maria and I

The ladies

 The ladies with the guest of honor.
 The guys