Saturday, June 14, 2014

Special Edition NYC - June 14, 2014

The wait every year for New York Comic Con in October has just been made much easier thanks to the people behind NYCC. Special Edition NYC is a new yearly event  where comic books and their creators are the sole focus. 

I was able to attend its inaugural opening with my usual NYCC friends Joey and Phil. While I brought my Nikon camera along for the event, I failed to remove its  battery from the charger before heading out so all pictures were taken with my iPhone 5s. 

My favorite cosplay was a beautiful cosplayer as Kabuki. 

From the website:

Special Edition: NYC is an intimate event that is focused solely on the art, creation and culture of comic books.  

Celebrate your love of comic books, cartooning, illustration and the graphic arts at Special Edition: NYC, a new comic book festival held annually in the birthplace of comics – New York City! From rising stars to living legends, Special Edition: NYC is the place to meet your favorite comic book heroes and get exclusive access to special guests from the pages of mainstream, alternative, indie, international and web comics. At Special Edition: NYC you will have the opportunity to collect the latest comics, buy the hard to find back issues and add original art to your collection. Special Edition: NYC is a pure celebration of comic book culture created specifically for die-hard comic book fans, creators and publishers!

Special Edition: NYC is an event where fans can meet their favorite comic book creators in an intimate environment. Special Edition: NYC is organized by ReedPOP, the creators of New York Comic Con, however this is a completely unique event and not meant to be a mini New York Comic Con.