Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer Movie Challenge 2013 - Week 1

Summer is here and that can only mean one thing on this blog, the return of the Summer Movie Challenge.  Before I begin, I wanted to point out that I'm in two separate challenges: one with my LCVG brothers and one with my close friends.  The latter will be updated on this blog.

Joining me for our third challenge are Larry, Joseph and Jorge.  Due to a scheduling conflict, Ray wasn't able to join this challenge after taking part in the fall 2012 challenge.  Joining us for the first time is Greg.

Here is the breakdown of the 25 movies in our challenge with release dates, bid winners, winning bid, current box office gross and ROI (Return On Investment) which is basically just for bragging rights.

Week one begins with the release of Iron Man 3 and a significant head start for me.  But, thanks to my experiences in past challenges, I've learned that no lead is safe.  Also, as seems to be a yearly tradition, a movie has been bumped from the release list.

Last summer it happened to Joseph when G.I. Joe: Retaliation was pushed back to spring 2013.  Hard to say if Joseph was hurt by this as there's no telling if Retaliation would've made the same money had it released at its original date.

Joseph was victimized again during the fall when The Big Wedding was also bumped for a spring 2013 release.  This had zero impact on Joseph as he went on to steamroll his way to victory regardless.

This time around, Greg is the culprit as the release of 300: Rise of an Empire has been moved to spring of 2014.  With only three other movies in the challenge, Greg would need Fast Six to be as successful as Fast Five and for Man of Steel to do Avengers type business to stand a chance.  Unfortunately, there is no way of predicting these things changes.

Ranks after week one show very little to report.  Same thing goes for the chart.

We decided not to have The Great Gatsby in the draft so week 2 will be another week for Marvel's Iron Man 3.  I'm looking forward to seeing where we are a month into this draft.  Stay tuned.