Monday, February 23, 2009

Sing-Along Sunday

Last night was a night filled with musical numbers and brow-raising singing. No, I'm not talking about the Oscars but another Rock Band session with friends. Eusebio (Jr), a childhood friend, and his family came over for dinner and some humbling shenanigans. While Jr and I were part of a group of friends that hung out alot in the mid to late 80s, we sorta went our separate ways (which happens too often unfortunately). Thankfully, after almost 2 decades, we recently hooked up for a boys night and had a great time reminiscing over old tales over dinner and, a few months later, over billiards.

Finally, I was able to have him and his lovely family over for dinner. Of course, filling their bellies was all part of my master plan to shove a mic in front of their faces. :)

Jr, Deborah, Amanda and Matthew, casual gamers at best, were great sports and had a fun time rocking out on Rock Band 2 then singing on Lips. Deborah really got into singing, which she did quite well and even got into a singing duel with Amanda. We capped the night off with some trivia fun on Buzz!

Next time, I'll break out the DDR pad since Amanda said she loves playing that. Looking forward to having them over again.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Comic-Con 2009

Well, here I am almost 2 months since my last post with something to blog about.  Heck, I wish I could blog more often but what do you call it when a non-writer gets writers block?  Anyway, went to the Jacob Javitz Center where the New York Comic-Con was making it's annual appearance.  I had purchased a ticket for Angel and myself for Sunday back in December and had been highly anticipating it as I've never been to one.  I would've liked to have purchased a whole weekend pass but I couldn't take off 2 days since I had already done so the previous week for my trip to Pennsylvania.  (more on that later)

From 10am to 5pm, Angel and I walked the floor taking pictures, trying demos to upcoming games and checking out all the great outfits many showed up in.  I even got a chance to meet up with Dave and his daughter Nicole.  It was a great time and am looking forward to attending again next year.  Who knows, maybe I'll make the trip to Chicago (never been) and check them out over there.  Enjoy the pictures but you've been warned: there are 102 of them.  :)

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